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EU Parliament recognizes Guaidó as interim president


The European Parliament is advancing the discussion on dealing with the situation in Venezuela. The deputies in Brussels decided by a large majority to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the rightful interim president of the South American country. At the same time, they called on EU governments to follow this decision.

439 of the parliamentarians voted in favor of the resolution, 104 against. There were also 88 abstentions. As a reason for the clear positioning in the adopted statement, the recent statements by the incumbent President Nicolás Maduro were called. He had publicly rejected the EU call for an immediate and fair election of the president in the country.

According to the parliamentary decision, Guaidó’s recognition should now be valid until new „free, transparent and credible presidential elections“ are held.

Deadline until Sunday

Whether the EU states can agree on a common line on the question of recognition has been unclear until recently. On the subject there should be talks on Thursday afternoon at an informal Foreign Ministers meeting in the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Several European countries such as Germany, France and Spain had given Maduro an ultimatum last weekend. The threat was that if Maduro does not call for free and fair elections by this Sunday, they want to recognize Guaidó, who has declared himself interim head of state, as a transitional president.

The aim is actually to make this decision on behalf of the EU. Countries like Greece refused to move until the very end. The fact that the European Parliament recognizes Guaidó has above all symbolic significance because it has no right of codetermination in EU foreign policy matters.

In the power struggle between the left-nationalist head of state and the opposition parliamentary president, thousands of people took to the streets again in Venezuela on Wednesday. Among other things, they called on the armed forces to turn away from Maduro and place them behind Guaidó. So far, the powerful military is holding on to Maduro.