Start News Europol warns of attacks with weapons from 3-D printers

Europol warns of attacks with weapons from 3-D printers

Powie / Pixabay

Following the attack on Halle in Germany, the EU law enforcement agency Europol has warned against imitators and imitators. Right-wing extremists could „like the Halle attacker“ try to make firearms or weapons parts with 3-D printers, Europol wrote in a confidential report from the end of October, from which the „Spiegel“ quoted yesterday.

At the same time, the hidden part of the Internet, the Darknet, had dropped the threshold to get illegal weapons. However, many right-wing extremists in Europe also have legal firearms. Again and again violent groups were noticed by shooting training and martial arts, according to the EU police department. Right-wing extremists also tried to recruit „experienced military and security personnel“.

Islamist attacks by drones

According to Europol, attacks in the area of Islamism also threatened with the help of modern means. So an attack by drones „not be ruled out“. In the propaganda of the jihadist militia Islamic State (IS), the topic received great attention. This could spur on IS supporters. In addition, some returned from Syria fighters already had experience in dealing with drones.

The presumed right-wing extremist assassin Stephan B. tried to invade the synagogue in Halle just under a month ago during the celebration of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur. After failing, he shot two people.