Start News Ex-employee accuses Biden of sexual violence

Ex-employee accuses Biden of sexual violence

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A former employee of the designated Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden accuses him of inflicting sexual violence on her. As the „Spiegel“ (online edition) reported today, citing the „New York Times“, Tara Reade said that Biden pressed her against a wall in the Senate building in 1993, put it under her skirt and penetrated it with one or two fingers.

The time and exact location of the attack, she said, can no longer remember, Reade said. A spokeswoman for Bidens rejected the presentation as wrong. „It definitely didn’t happen,“ she said.

Former employees don’t know about anything

In the „New York Times“, according to „Spiegel“, a thoroughly researched article about the case had appeared this week. Reade told the paper that she had entrusted herself to high-ranking Biden employees at the time, but they had done nothing.

Several employees who worked with Biden at the time disagreed with Reades‘ presentation. The AP news agency contacted 21 former employees – none of them remembered a Reades complaint against their boss.

But there are also people who support the representation of women. A friend Reades told the New York Times that she had already told her about the incident in 1993. Reade’s brother also confirmed his sister’s statements.

word agains word

Reade had said last year that Biden had touched her neck and shoulder inappropriately. However, she did not mention the other allegations. Only now had she found the courage to do so, she said.

Since no one outside of Reade’s environment has confirmed the allegations and there is evidence against evidence, there is some reason to believe that Biden should be able to survive the incident politically unharmed, the „Spiegel“ report says.