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Facebook boss wants to talk about technology and society

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants this year more of the discussion about the future role of technology in society. He had set the goal for 2019, every few weeks in public debates on various aspects of this topic to participate, announced Zuckerberg yesterday.

Facebook has been heavily criticized over the past year for the role of the online network in the 2016 US election campaign and the data scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica. Again and again, a stricter regulation of technology companies is brought into conversation.

Series of personal goals

Zuckerberg continues his series of annual personal goals. In the past, that included running 365 miles in a year, learning Chinese, and programming artificial intelligence software for his home. Zuckerberg set itself the goal last year of making Facebook safer.

The 34-year-old tech billionaire admitted that public debates were a challenge for him. He was basically a software developer who was used to having his products speak for themselves. „But what we do is so important that it is not enough.“

Zuckerberg had repeatedly made a bad appearance in public appearances in the past. So he was heavily criticized last year after he said in an interview that Holocaust deniers could indeed be sincerely wrong and therefore he would not block their posts on Facebook worldwide.