Start China Fashion labels stumble across China

Fashion labels stumble across China

bloodymarie / Pixabay

Fashion houses like Givenchy and Versace have jumped off prominent Chinese brand ambassadors, it said a few days ago. They had, as concretely in the case of Versace, questioned the „one China policy“ of the People’s Republic by a T-shirt motive. It was about a representation of Hong Kong and Macao as their own countries (and not just cities) gone, among other things, the US TV channel CNN earlier this week. Versace also came under fire in the social networks, such as the Twitter equivalent Weibo. Weibo is China’s most important social media platform.

Earlier, Chinese actress and singer Yang Mi and her management Versace had canceled the cooperation in an official statement. The popular Italian fashion label had to apologize. But Yang also had to accept criticism for her decision.