Start Shares For months, „Opportunity“ no longer sends a sign of life to earth

For months, „Opportunity“ no longer sends a sign of life to earth


On June 10, „Opportunity“ sent the last message to Earth, after which the Mars rover died down. A huge dust storm had shrouded the entire planet – and „opportunity“ cut off from its vital energy source, the sunlight. The 185-kilogram, six-wheeled robot then went into a hibernation, from which he did not wake up. The Nasa researchers still had the hope to wake him again – without success. For a month, the mission is officially over.

Now the Nasa has put together the last shots of the Mars rover into a 360-degree panora. It consists of 354 individual images taken by „Opportunity“ between May and June 2018. You can see the Perseverance Valley of the Red Planet. „Opportunity“ had reached the „Valley of Perseverance“ on its 5000th day on Mars. It lies on the inner slope of the impact crater Endeavor. On the right side of the picture you can see the rim of the crater, to the left of which are the traces of the rover.
Mars Rover „Opportunity“: That will be nothing more

In July 2003, Opportunity launched aboard a launcher from the Cape Canaveral spaceport in Florida and landed on Mars about half a year later, on January 25, 2004. Since then, the robot has been rolling 45 miles across Mars – not without glitches, but with remarkable stamina. Actually, his mission was only for 90 days. In the end it was 5498 days.

During his mission, Opportunity sent more than 200,000 photos to Earth, providing new insights into the Red Planet, such as how the Martian surface is designed. The Rover also discovered minerals that suggest that there was water on Mars.