Start Europe Ford wants to cut thousands of jobs in Europe

Ford wants to cut thousands of jobs in Europe

Ford-cut jobs

Because of bad business in Europe, the car maker Ford is new and wants to cancel thousands of jobs. Of the approximately 50,000 jobs „a considerable number“ will be eliminated, said Ford European CEO Steven Armstrong today in Cologne.

How many jobs where omitted, the manager did not want to say. There are still discussions with the employee side to the individual locations, he said. Details should be available by mid-2019 at the latest. The cuts are to come in all business areas. The reduction should be socially acceptable, for example, partial retirement or severance pay.

Vans less in demand

By the end of 2018, Ford had announced the closure of a small transmission plant in Bordeaux, France, as well as cuts for its plant in Saarlouis, Saarland. In Saarlouis, among other things, the Van C-Max was manufactured for years, this production is scheduled for mid-2019. Reason is the decreased demand for the vans. In Great Britain, two locations are to be merged. Half of the jobs are in Germany.

Ford has long had a tough time in Europe, the subsidiary of the US group is in the red. 2018 was also a year of losses, Armstrong said. He did not name concrete business figures. The goal is to return to profitability.