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France demands from Italy „respect“ in „yellow vests“ question

Italy-yellow vests

The backing of the Italian government for the protest movement of the „yellow vests“ meets with outrage in Paris. France today forbids interference in internal affairs on the margins of the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels. Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio then accused the government of President Emmanuel Macron of „hypocrisy“.

„The Italian government’s priority should be to care for the well-being of the Italian people,“ said French Minister of European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau in Brussels. The government in Rome has repeatedly demanded respect from its European partners, she stressed. „She has that respect, too, but he can go to any country, especially when it comes to neighbors, allies, and friends.“

Di Maio of the populist five-star movement then wrote on Facebook, Loiseau may not remember the statement of its president. „Macron compared us to leprosy,“ he criticized.

The French head of state had warned Europe of a relapse into the 1930s in a November newspaper interview. He referred to nationalism as „leprosy“, without explicitly mentioning Italy.

Di Maio and Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the xenophobic Lega party yesterday called on the „yellow vests“ protest movement in France to remain „firm“. Macron ruled „against his people,“ they said.
Rome holds Paris „colonialist policy“ before

The right-wing populist Italian government has long been in trouble with Macron – partly because of its restrictive immigration policy. Di Maio accused France of complicity in the refugee movement. The country’s „colonialist policy“ in Africa provokes „waves of refugees to Europe“. Italy has been left alone with the problem several times, criticized the five-star politician.