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German Greens in poll head to head with Union

jeonsango / Pixabay

The German Greens continue their high-flying flight after the EU election. In today published ZDF „Politbarometer“ the party put the same six percentage points to 26 percent. The ruling Union (CDU and CSU) was able to maintain its leading position with 27 percent and a minus of three percentage points.

The co-governing SPD also slumped by three percentage points to only 13 percent. The AfD lost one percentage point to also 13 percent. The FDP persisted at seven percent. The Left lost one percentage point to now also seven percent. For other parties also seven percent of respondents said (plus two points).

Mathematically possible would be the only two-constellation a black-green government alliance. No majority would have the current coalition of Union and SPD or a green-red-red alliance. The Mannheim Research Group polls polled 1,297 voters by phone Monday through yesterday