Start News Germany: Dispute over CoV tests in companies

Germany: Dispute over CoV tests in companies

Parliament approves resolution to ensure financial and economic stability during COVID-19

A coronavirus test obligation for companies in Germany is getting closer. But the economy is against it and is increasingly on a course of confrontation with the federal government. Employer President Rainer Dulger said today that private companies have already greatly expanded their testing efforts.

Anyone who constantly threatens a legal regulation does not recognize this commitment. „A test law does not create more protection, but more bureaucracy, more costs, less initiative and a bunch of unresolved legal and organizational questions.“ The trades also rejected compulsory testing.

Merkel dissatisfied with self-commitment

The business representatives responded to statements made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The CDU politician was dissatisfied with the implementation of the voluntary commitment of the economy in the ARD program „Anne Will“ – that every employee who is not in the home office can be tested twice a week if possible, and that is also certified.

You have the impression that this is not being implemented across the board. You have to make testing „probably“ compulsory in the factories.

The economy criticized the Easter rest period

The debate comes at a time when the relationship between politics and business is not the best. Business associations had gone to the barricades because of the Easter rest period, which Merkel later tipped. The comparatively slow pace of vaccination is also criticized. The criticism of the slow implementation of the coronavirus aid continues.

With a view to the increasing number of infections, Dulger, as President of the Confederation of German Employers‘ Associations, demanded: „Especially in this difficult situation, politics and business can only achieve a lot together.“ Another economic summit with Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) is planned for April 8th.