Start News Ghosn lawyer „completely surprised“ by departure

Ghosn lawyer „completely surprised“ by departure

Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay

The chief lawyer of former Renault Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn was “completely surprised” by the news of his client’s sudden departure from Japan. „We were completely surprised by this, I am speechless,“ Junichiro Hironaka said to the press in Tokyo today. The lawyers are still in possession of Ghosn’s passports.

He had no contact with Ghosn and did not know how to reach him now, said Hironaka. He did not know „how to proceed now“. Ghosn is under investigation in Japan on charges of financial misconduct. He was imprisoned for around four months, but was released under strict conditions in the spring, among other things he was banned from leaving the country. The start of his trial in Japan was scheduled for the coming spring.

It was announced yesterday that Ghosn was traveling to Lebanon. Ghosn today confirmed information from Lebanese government and security circles that he is in Lebanon. He said in a written statement that he had fled „injustice and political persecution“ in Japan. He was no longer held hostage by the “manipulated Japanese judicial system”. The former top manager of the automotive industry did not comment on the precise circumstances of his spectacular departure.