Start News Grand coalition of Ganz and Netanyahu is emerging

Grand coalition of Ganz and Netanyahu is emerging

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According to media reports, Israel is on the way to a grand coalition. Former military chief Benni Ganz from the Mitte-Bündnis Blau-Weiß was surprisingly elected President of Parliament yesterday. The move could pave the way for a coalition with the right-wing religious bloc around Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud).

Ganz reports that the Alliance has broken apart as a result of the new development. Only a part will join the future government.

Reports: First of all Foreign Minister

In his first speech as President of Parliament, Ganz called for national unity. He would do everything in his power to form a grand coalition. „This is not the time for argument and division,“ he said, referring to the coronavirus crisis. He was expected to fill the office only briefly and then be replaced by a candidate from the Likud Party of Netanyahu.

Israeli television reported that Ganz should first become foreign minister in a grand coalition with Netanyahu. Netanyahu should remain prime minister for a year and a half and then be replaced by Ganz in September 2021. The departments of justice, business and defense should also go to blue and white.

Israel has been governed by a transitional government under Netanyahu since late 2018. On March 2, citizens voted for a new parliament for the third time in a year. But the stalemate between the camps continued. Ganz received the order to form a government last Monday. Netanyahu has called for the formation of a blue-and-white emergency government, referring to the coronavirus crisis.