Start News Greece sends migrants back to Turkey

Greece sends migrants back to Turkey


For the first time in months, Greece has sent dozens of rejected asylum seekers back to Turkey in recent days. This was announced today by the Deputy Prime Minister of Greece Adonis Georgiadis. “We send back around 30 migrants a day. Turkey has taken them in, ”said Georgiadis to the Athens news channel Real.

On January 1, a new law came into force in Greece, with the help of which asylum applications can be processed more quickly. Repatriations to Turkey had almost ceased in the past few months due to a lack of staff.

Crucial point of the new asylum law: If you want to go to the next instance after your first asylum application has been rejected, you have to give a legal opinion. So far, refugees have been able to express their wishes with a simple pre-printed application and thus delay their deportation by months, in some cases by years. Humanitarian organizations criticize this changed regulation sharply.