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Greece wants to demand reparations

EzPzPics / Pixabay

Greece wants to demand from Germany compensation payments worth billions for war damage and crimes suffered during the Second World War. The Greek parliament voted by a large majority for an appropriate submission by President Nikos Voutsis calling on the Greek government to take all necessary diplomatic and legal action.

„A historical and moral duty“

As a result, Greece wants to demand 290 billion euros from Germany. First, the government in Athens wants to send a verbal note to the federal government.

The Greek leader Alexis Tsipras stressed before the deputies of the parliament:

„The demand for reparations payments is a historical and moral duty for us.“

Tsipras said he had just wanted to wait until the international aid programs that were to help Greece out of the severe financial crisis came to an end. Now is the right time: „We now have the chance to complete this chapter for both peoples.“ But this had to happen friendly and „at eye level“

Does Tsipra use demands for his election campaign?

The Members of Parliament had been debating the reparations payments for several hours. Reports were also read by eyewitnesses who reported how Nazis invaded Greek villages and killed countless people.

Among the parties, the views on the compensation from the German side were far apart. The populists, for example, saw in the demands only the attempt Tsipras to win votes for the upcoming parliamentary elections in the fall. The far right party „Golden Dawn“ was the amount clearly too low. In her opinion, Germany must pay at least 400 billion euros.