Start News Greenland accepts controversial grant from the United States

Greenland accepts controversial grant from the United States

Barni1 / Pixabay

Greenland has accepted US $ 11.2 million in grants for civil projects. „It is positive that the increased cooperation between Greenland and the USA is producing tangible results in the form of financing projects in Greenland,“ said Greenland Prime Minister Kim Kielsen.

The money will primarily be used for projects that „benefit Greenland’s economic development,“ Kielsen announced. Greenland is an autonomous territory belonging to Denmark and is always in focus because of its proximity to the resource-rich Arctic. The grants are not entirely uncontroversial. It wasn’t until August 2019 that US President Donald Trump made headlines with the idea of ​​buying Greenland.

„We want a safe and stable Arctic in which the interests of the United States are safeguarded,“ said a senior US State Department official at a press conference. However, the economic aid now being initiated should not be understood as „paving the way for the purchase of Greenland“.