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Hard Brexit: Juncker warns of increased risk

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The danger of an unregulated exit from the EU has increased in the opinion of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker: The vote of the British parliament for renegotiations with Brussels „increases the risk of a disorderly exit,“ said Juncker today before the European Parliament. Negotiations declined Juncker.

„More than ever, it’s important that the EU is united and united,“ Juncker said. But he is also an optimist. „And I believe in the democratic institutions. Therefore, I also believe that we will get an agreement with Great Britain. „To this day and night worked further.
„The whole is not a game“

He had recently had the impression that was tried at the „backstop“ that 26 States give up this agreement and Ireland then at the last minute do. „But the whole thing is not a game, that is not a purely bilateral question. It’s essentially about what it means to be a member of the EU. The Irish border is a European border and a Union priority, „said the Commission President.

Juncker was disillusioned that after the votes the EU knew what the British did not want. „But still not what exactly the lower house really wants.“ The concept of alternative agreement is not new. But that is not a practical solution. In any case, given the increased risk of a disorderly exit of the British, the EU will do everything to prepare for it – „on all scenarios, even the worst“.

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said the British prime minister pleaded for renegotiation the day before. Even before the end of the vote in Parliament. „She has distanced herself from the agreement she negotiated with herself,“ criticized Barnier. „We will not accept that you want to blame the European Union,“ Barnier said. In any case, the EU will not do anything to weaken the single market.
Tusk and May call in the evening

EU Council President Donald Tusk will call UK Prime Minister Theresa May over the phone to discuss how to proceed with Brexit. Among other things, May wants to propose a unilateral right of termination for the „backstop“ regulation in the Brexit agreement with the EU. She said that in Parliament today.

May and the head of the opposition Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, also spoke in a „serious and committed tone“ about the nation’s Brexit course. This was reported by a Labor spokesman in the afternoon. There was a „useful exchange of opinions“. Corbyn has campaigned for the alternative plan of his party for the EU’s exit from the country, the spokesman said.

Most of the British MEPs had demanded the day before to reopen the withdrawal agreement and to replace the guarantee for an open border between Northern Ireland and the EU member Ireland with „alternative rules“.