Start News Hong Kong protests: China prohibits export of black T-shirts

Hong Kong protests: China prohibits export of black T-shirts

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Because of the protests in Hong Kong, China has stopped exporting black T-shirts, umbrellas, face masks, and other popular items to activists and activists in the Chinese Special Administrative Region.

As the logistics company Phxbuy in Guangdong province on the border with Hong Kong announced today, customs also no longer allow the export of yellow safety vests, black clothing, megaphones, radios, drones, protective glass, flashlights, iron bars and truncheons.

The delivery ban is a reaction to protests that have been going on for months in the former British colony on the other side of the border. Protesters like to wear black clothes and masks and goggles against tear gas and pepper spray from the police. Radical activists are also using policemen to equip sticks and flashlights for street battles.

Another chaos in the Hong Kong parliament

Hong Kong’s city parliament was once again chaotic scenes: Pro-Democratic MPs disrupted another appearance by Prime Minister Carrie Lam and eventually had to leave the hall. The peking loyal politician had to cancel her government statement yesterday because she was repeatedly interrupted by pro-democracy MPs.

Chief of the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) protest group, Jimmy Sham, who was attacked by a thug team last night, reported from the hospital bed today. He will continue his fight „peacefully, rationally and non-violently,“ wrote Sham on Facebook. Sham, one of the leaders of the democracy movement, had been attacked by several racket-armed thugs. He was hospitalized with a bleeding head wound.