Start Asia Hong Kongers demonstrated at airport against government

Hong Kongers demonstrated at airport against government

beludise / Pixabay

Hundreds of Hong Kongers demonstrated at the city’s International Airport in their recent action against the government.

The demonstrators, most of them dressed in black, gathered today in the departure lounge, where many of them sat peacefully on the ground or extended their protest signs to the travelers.

Hong Kong’s protest movement wants to go to the streets tomorrow despite a police ban. The march is to start in the Yuen Long district, where on the weekend government-critical demonstrators were attacked after a protest on the way home by thugs.

Demonstrators blaming paid gangs from the area for the attacks allege that the police did not protect them.

Hong Kong police forbade the planned march on the grounds that it could lead to violent riots. In social networks, however, Hong Kong and Hong Kong women called to come to Yuen Long.

In Hong Kong, protest marches with hundreds of thousands of participants have been going on for weeks. The trigger for the demonstrations was a controversial bill on the extradition of accused persons to China.

Prime Minister Carrie Lam has meanwhile declared the law „dead“. However, she did not respond to the demands of the protesters and demonstrators to formally withdraw the bill. There were also protests against the police, some of which had used rubber bullets, truncheons and tear gas against protesters.