Start News Houthi militias again fire missiles at targets in Saudi Arabia

Houthi militias again fire missiles at targets in Saudi Arabia

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Houthi militias from Yemen have once again fired ballistic missiles at targets in Saudi Arabia, according to Saudi officials. The air force intercepted and destroyed two missiles, said the military alliance, which is fighting the Houthis in the poorest Arab country. The missiles were aimed at the capital Riyadh and the city of Jisan in the south. In Riyadh, two civilians were injured by fragments, civil protection said last night, according to a report by the SPA news agency.

The Houthis did not speak at first. From the north of Yemen, the rebels repeatedly attack targets in neighboring Saudi Arabia with ballistic missiles and drones. They are supported by Iran. Saudi Arabia has been bombing targets in Yemen for five years. It is fighting alongside President Abed Rabbo Mansur Hadi’s government.

According to experts, the Houthis have gradually expanded their arsenal since the beginning of the 2014 civil war. They are now using ballistic missiles and larger drones that, according to the UN, fly up to 1,500 kilometers and reach speeds of 250 km / h. It was only on Friday that the Saudi military alliance declared that it had intercepted several drones.