Start News Hungarian scandal mayor Borkai resigns

Hungarian scandal mayor Borkai resigns

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The Hungarian Mayor Zsolt Borkai involved in a sex and corruption scandal resigns. He announced this in an open letter to the citizens of his city Györ, as the news agency MTI announced today. The resignation should be tomorrow.

An anonymous blog had just before the local election on October 13, photos and videos published on which the politician of the right-wing populist ruling party FIDESZ and former Olympic champion in gymnastics at an orgy with prostitutes on a luxury yacht to watch Croatia. The blog, whose authors are still unknown, also accused Borkai and his community of serious corruption.

Borkai did not deny sex orgy

The scandal was blamed for the relatively poor performance of FIDESZ, head of government party Viktor Orban, in the Hungarian local elections. Borkai, who for 13 years ruled the prosperous West Hungarian industrial city of Györ and was considered popular, was re-elected, but relatively close. Immediately after the election, he resigned from the FIDESZ, but initially accepted the mayor’s office.

Now, in the letter, he stated that he was stepping back „with regard to the moral situation“ in order to clear the way for another person „worthy to lead our beloved city“. At the same time he once again rejected the corruption allegations of the blog as „lying“: „I did not steal and did not cheat.“

He did not deny participation in the orgy of sex in Croatia and apologized, but emphasized that he had made the trip „at his own expense“.

Hungary’s government pleased

The Hungarian government was relieved about the notice of withdrawal. „Heureka!“ (Ancient Greek „I have found it!“ – here apparently analogously: „Well, finally!“), Chancellor Gergely Gulyas responded to a corresponding journalists question at a press conference in Budapest, as the Internet portal Index reported. According to portal, in Györ a new election must take place within 120 days of the resignation of a mayor.