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Immigration aid for professionals

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The Federal Government also wants to close the gap in the skilled labor market with immigrants who are not from outside the EU. Today, the Bundestag is deliberating on a migration law for the first time through the experts.

SPD boss. Andrea Nahles emphasizes again and again: for 20 years the SPD has been fighting for an immigration law. The fact that the Union has now abandoned its blockade is therefore:

„It is a great pleasure for us, the Law on the Immigration of skilled workers is coming, and thus a new chapter of the immigration policy in Germany is opened.“

Model academician

For academics, immigration is already regulated. Now the federal government also wants to recruit people with vocational training. And that is the plan: Immigrating to work, this will not only work for occupations with special staff shortages. Anyone who has an employment contract can come. And anyone looking for a job may enter the country for six months. Social benefits do not exist. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is also satisfied.

„A very modern law that meets the big concerns of the national economy.“

We weave people who are useful to us. This message is particularly important to Seehofer. But that is not the only reason why he considers the regular immigration of skilled workers to be sensible.

The law will also help reduce illegal migration, according to Seehofer, because there is now a legal way to work and not take the detour through an asylum application.

Long resistance in the Union

There was resistance to last in the Union faction. Especially against the employment toleration for people who are already there. The SPD wants to make at least a trace of lane changes possible for rejected asylum seekers. Who is well integrated and has a permanent full-time job, gets for two and a half years, a toleration and the chance of a right to stay. One should not deport the wrong ones, warns Carsten Schneider, the parliamentary managing director of the SPD.

It is the most important legislative package in this legislative period, says SPD man Schneider. The opposition sees it differently: the AfD criticizes it legalize illegal migration. FDP, Left and Greens, the grand coalition does not go far enough. They have each submitted their own designs. After the plenary debate, work on the Law on the Immigration of Persons continues in the committees.