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In spacesuits on Mars mission

WikiImages / Pixabay

In the Gobi Desert in China, visitors can simulate a mission to Mars: the first guests have moved into the „Mars Base 1“ in the northwestern province of Gansu surrounded by reddish rocks. You can experience what life on the Red Planet could feel like.

The space station is not aimed at researchers and future Mars astronauts, but at student groups and tourists. The futuristic white buildings, over which a silver-colored dome sits enthroned, consist of nine modules – including living areas, a control room, a greenhouse and an airlock. In spacesuits you can also explore the area. The nearest town Jinchang is about 40 kilometers away.

Also open to tourists in 2020

The company C-Space wants to operate the base initially only as an educational institution. From next year, it should also open for tourists. In designing the base, the company had recourse to the Chinese Astronaut Center and the state-owned TV production company CICC.

China wants to compete in the space travel the US and Russia. Beijing is pumping billions into its militarily organized space program and intends to send a probe to Mars next year.