Start News India: Four rapists executed by a student

India: Four rapists executed by a student

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Four men were executed in India for raping and killing a student more than seven years ago. This was announced by the prison in Delhi today. The men had raped the 23-year-old woman so brutally on a bus in 2012 that she died of her injuries almost two weeks later. The case had made headlines worldwide.

The case also showed a fundamental problem in India: according to official figures, every 15 minutes a woman or a girl becomes a victim of rape.

Executions are rare in India – the last time a man died in 2015 was the man responsible for one of the worst terrorist attacks in Indian history in 1993, with more than 200 deaths and hundreds injured. With the current execution, India wants to show an example of doing something for more security for women. At the same time, the defenders of the perpetrators and their families tried to prevent the scheduled date of death until a few hours earlier.