Start Asia India wants to open Kashmir again for tourists

India wants to open Kashmir again for tourists

Simon / Pixabay

India wants to open the conflict region Kashmir again on Thursday for tourists. The call to leave the region would be withdrawn on October 10, the Information Office of the Jammu and Kashmir region tweeted today.

Two months ago, the central government of India had withdrawn its statute of autonomy from the majority Muslim region in the Himalayas. Since then, Internet and mobile phone connections have been restricted there to prevent Kashmiri protests. Tourists and pilgrims had previously been called upon to leave the region because of a „terrorist warning“.

Since then, tourism has collapsed, report hotel owners and tour operators. Nevertheless, there are still some foreign tourists in the area. India’s rejection of the special status of the Kashmir region has also created tensions with neighboring Pakistan, which has also claimed the region for more than 70 years. The two countries have already fought for Kashmir.