Start Asia Indonesia forbids visit to Dragon Island

Indonesia forbids visit to Dragon Island

JamesDeMers / Pixabay

To protect the rare Komodo dragon Indonesia wants to block its „Dragon Island“ for the whole year 2020 for tourists. Currently, about 10,000 visitors a month come to the island east of Bali. There is already a national park on Komodo. Among other things, new trees are to be planted during the closure.

Komodo dragon, the „last dragons of the world“, are up to three meters long and more than 70 kilograms heavy. There are a total of about 5,000 animals on the island. They have a reputation for being quite aggressive. Because of their appearance, they are also called Komodo dragons. Attacks on humans are rare.

Last week, the Indonesian police had thwarted an attempt to bring more than 40 of the endangered animals out of the country.