Start News Influencing the police: Bolsonaro under pressure

Influencing the police: Bolsonaro under pressure

Heibe / Pixabay

A video has solidified the allegation of political interference with the federal police in the trial of right-wing Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. The eagerly awaited inclusion of a cabinet meeting in April as possible evidence was largely released yesterday (local time) by a judge from the Federal Court of Justice in Brasilia.

„I have the power and I will intervene in all ministries,“ said Bolsonaro in the video. He had already tried to exchange „people of our security“ in Rio, where the Bolsonaro clan lives, and had failed. „It’s over. If I can’t swap someone, I swap their boss. And if I can’t swap his boss, I’ll swap the minister. Point.“

Bolsonaro claims he meant his personal security chief. In fact, he recently filled both the post of chief of the federal police and that of the director of the federal police in Rio de Janeiro. Justice Minister Sergio Moro had resigned after Bolsonaro fired a close confidante of Moro with the federal police chief. The police were reported to be incriminating two politically active sons of the president.