Start America Investor in Pinterest fever

Investor in Pinterest fever

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The photo platform Pinterest can look forward to their stock market bid over brisk demand for their shares. The debut on Wall Street is a complete success. The video service even more cuts off the zoom.

The first prices of both stocks confirm the good indications. Pinterest shares, which floated at the issue price of $ 19, traded at $ 23.75, up from the issue price of 25 percent.

Pinterest managed to strike the traded under the ticker symbol „PINS“ shares over the previously targeted price range between 15 and 17 dollars with investors. The flotation is an important test of investors‘ confidence – especially before the Uber IPO in May, said Neil Wilson, chief analyst at

With the release of 75 million shares, Pinterest generates $ 1.43 billion, or € 1.27 billion. Founded in 2010, the startup is rated more than $ 10 billion on the NYSE. Pinterest attracts high-growth investors: In 2018, revenue grew 60 percent year-over-year to more than $ 750 million. The company was in the red, but could reduce the loss from $ 130 million to $ 63 million. At the end of the year, Pinterest had 265 million active users.

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Pinterest sees itself as a kind of visual search engine in which users can search for ideas for interior design or holidays and find pictures to their interests. At the same time they can save photos from the net as so-called „pins“ on „boards“ on specific topics. At the end of last year, according to Pinterest, 175 billion „pins“ were stored on four billion „boards“. Money takes Pinterest mainly through advertising – paid „pins“ that are displayed to the users.

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Zoom shoots the bird
Also the video service Zoom sends today for the first time its shares in the trade – and how. The first price was $ 65, an impressive 81 percent above the issue price of $ 36. However, on the tech stock Nasdaq. The indication for the first price was previously $ 59 – 64 percent above the issue price.

Thus, the stock market value of the video conferencing specialist start-ups shot up to 16.7 billion dollars in the meantime. Zoom released 751 million dollars (668 million euros) with the issue of 20.9 million shares. Unlike Pinterest, Zoom 2018 even made a small profit of $ 7.58 million.

Pinterest and Zoom are two of the biggest IPOs this year, which was already marked by some big debuts. In March, the jeans icon Levi’s and the travel agent Lyft placed their shares.

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The year of the big IPOs
But the big spectacle is still to be seen with the premiere of Uber: Lyft’s great rival is aiming with an overall rating of around $ 100 billion, the highest-priced IPO since the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba in 2014. The office app Slack and the tourism provider Airbnb want to go public in 2019.