Start News Iran: Middle East plan „dies before Trump“

Iran: Middle East plan „dies before Trump“

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President Donald Trump’s Middle East plan is doomed to failure from Iran’s chief spiritual leader. „This plan of the century dies before Trump does,“ said Ajatollah Ali Khamenei today. The plan was not only stupid, it was also insidious. Therefore, the Palestinians and the entire Islamic world should oppose it.

The only solution to the Middle East conflict is a referendum by all Palestinians to determine the political future of their country themselves, according to the Ayatollah on Iranian state television.

Shared echo on plan

Trump presented a plan last week to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The plan met with international approval because it compelled the Palestinians to make substantial concessions to Israel.

At the same time, he would allow Israel to annex the Jordan Valley and settlements. A Palestinian state would be subject to tough conditions. Some fundamentally reject the Palestinian leadership. In addition, the Palestinians‘ dream of a capital in historic East Jerusalem would have been dashed.