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Irish people clearly vote for more liberal divorce law

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The Irish and Irish voted in favor of a more liberal divorce law by a large majority in a referendum. So far, spouses in the EU country have to live separated for four years before they can divorce. In the referendum, around 82 percent voted in favor of a constitutional amendment, as the authorities announced today. The Irish government now wants to launch a law that will enable a divorce after two years of separation.

The referendum took place on Friday parallel to the European elections. According to official figures, 51 percent of eligible voters participated in it.
Divorces banned until 1995

So far, Irish divorce law is considered one of the strictest in Europe. So far, Ireland has the lowest divorce rate in the EU. Divorces were even banned until 1995. In a referendum, the Irish had then voted with a gullible majority of 50.3 percent for the lifting of the divorce ban.

A year ago, the Irish also voted in favor of legalizing abortions in a referendum with a majority of 66 percent. Previously, abortions in Ireland had been banned even in cases of rape, incest, or fatal fetal malformation. In an abortion, women threatened to imprisonment up to 14 years. In 2015, the Irish had voted with 62 percent for the introduction of gay marriage.