Start News Israel attacks Hamas targets after shelling from Gaza

Israel attacks Hamas targets after shelling from Gaza

Gaza Strip, Israel has reopened, largely maintained

After shelling from the Gaza Strip, Israel once again attacked the targets of radical Islamic Hamas in the Palestinian territory. Israeli fighter jets attacked „Hamas terror targets in the southern Gaza Strip,“ the Israeli army said today.

Among the goals were „a training ground and military facilities“ from Hamas. There have been no reports of death or damage from the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army reports that the airstrikes were preceded by rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. According to a spokeswoman for the regional council of Schaar Hanegev, the rocket struck a field.

Trump’s Middle East plan created new tensions

Since the presentation of the Middle East plan by US President Donald Trump at the end of January, militant Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been attacking southern Israel with rockets, mortar grenades and fire balloons almost every day. Israel responded with retaliatory strikes.

Trump’s Middle East plan provides for a „realistic two-state solution“ with Jerusalem as the „undivided capital“ of Israel. According to the plan, the Palestinians should be given the opportunity, under certain conditions, to found their own state – but without the strategically and economically important Jordan Valley in the West Bank and without East Jerusalem as the capital. The Palestinians immediately rejected Trump’s plan.