Start News Israel wants non-aggression treaties with Arab Gulf states

Israel wants non-aggression treaties with Arab Gulf states

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Israel claims to be pushing ahead with the conclusion of non-aggression treaties with Arab Gulf states. Such a „historic move“ could allow for civilian cooperation before peace agreements are concluded, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said today on Twitter. He presented the plan to various Arab counterparts and outgoing US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt last week, Katz said.

His tweet followed a report by Israeli Channel 12 channel. As a result, the Israeli initiative hopes that the Israeli and Gulf states will pursue common interests through their common enemy, Iran.

Many Arab states and above all their population are hostile to Israel. Therefore, several countries tend to be discreet in their relations with the Middle East. However, with the growing influence of Iran, the governments of the Gulf States and Israel have approached in recent years. But only Egypt and Jordan have signed peace treaties with Israel among the Arab states.