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Italy: Other cities face Salvini


Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini faces hurdles in implementing a new migration and security package. Some left-leaning mayors of major cities such as Palermo and Naples are revolting against the measures taken by Parliament’s security package in December.

The protest was launched by the mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando. The left mayor of the Sicilian capital, known for his migration policy, yesterday announced that he would not implement the „inhumane“ anti-immigration laws at the local level. Orlando, who is also known as an anti-mafia activist, announced a legal action against the immigration law.

Also Naples and Florence against Salvini

Orlando received support from his colleague in Naples. The Mayor of Vesuvius, Luigi De Magistris, said that the port of Naples was ready to take in the migrants aboard the German NGO ship Sea-Watch 3, which has been on board in the Mediterranean for twelve days with 32 migrants. „I hope the Sea Watch vessel approaches Naples because we’re ready to drop it. I will coordinate the rescue operation myself, „said the mayor.

The Mayor of Florence, Social Democrat Dario Nardella, also criticized the Salvinis security package for tightening security and immigration laws. According to the will of the right-wing government and the populist five-star movement, the granting of humanitarian residence permits is to be massively curtailed. The government also wants to regulate the distribution and placement of asylum seekers. Most of them will be housed in large reception centers in the future.

Salvini was unimpressed and said that if the „left-wing mayors“ did not change the course, „they can resign as well“.