Start Asia Japan intends to negotiate with Russia

Japan intends to negotiate with Russia


Japan intends to promote the negotiation process with Russia „on the basis of its basic position.“ This was reported in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

„The Government of Japan, on the basis of its basic position, which is to solve a territorial problem and conclude a peace treaty, will continue to persist in negotiations,“ RIA Novosti quoted the representative of the Japanese foreign policy agency.

At the same time, the Japanese Foreign Ministry refrains from commenting on the conversation between Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Morgulov and Japanese Ambassador to Moscow Toeohisa Kozuki.

„Ambassador (Toyohisa. – RT ) Kodzuki fully explained the position of our country to the Deputy Foreign Minister (Russia Igor. – RT ) Morgulov, but we refrain from expressing ourselves about the details,“ the Japanese Foreign Ministry noted.

Earlier, Japanese Ambassador to Russia Toyohisa Kodzuki was invited to the Russian Foreign Ministry because of Tokyo’s statements on the Kuril Islands.

As noted, the diplomat was told that Moscow drew attention to the statements of the Japanese leadership about the need to “gain an understanding” of the residents of the South Kuriles on the issue of “the transfer of the territorial affiliation of the islands to Japan.”