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Jet Airways stops flight operations

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Jet Airways has completely suspended flight operations for the time being. The indebted Indian airline said its creditors had rejected the request for emergency funding. This would mean that kerosene and other maintenance requirements could no longer be paid.

Already earlier this month, the company had most of its 119 machines no longer start because of unused loans and lack of liquidity. Most recently, she had limited the operation to domestic flights. Now he is completely exposed.

Flights to Brussels, New York, Dubai

Jet Airways has debts of more than $ 1 billion. Until last November, it was the market share after India’s second largest airline after the state-owned Air India.

Its more than 50 destinations included Paris, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, New York and Dubai. Their hub in Europe was initially Brussels Airport and later Amsterdam-Schiphol.

She now wants to wait until a creditor consortium led by the State Bank of India makes an offer to buy.