Start Ireland Johnson also encounters criticism at Northern Ireland’s visit

Johnson also encounters criticism at Northern Ireland’s visit

DavidRockDesign / Pixabay

At the start of a trip through Northern Ireland, Prime Minister Boris Johnson also encountered criticism there.

After a dinner with representatives of the Northern Irish Protestant Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) yesterday, the head of government in Belfast was accused of being non-objective. The DUP supports the Conservative minority government in London.

Johnson rejected the allegations today in Belfast: he wants to hold talks with five parties so that finally a regional government can be installed in Northern Ireland. „The people of Northern Ireland have been without government for two and a half years.“
Rejection also in Scotland and Wales

DUP boss Arlene Foster told the BBC that she and Johnson had talked about Brexit at dinner. Both wanted an EU exit with agreement, but „a ’no deal‘ is on the table because we have a very belligerent EU“.

Previously, Johnson had visited the parts of Scotland and Wales and had met there with violent protests. For example, many farmers in Wales are worried about EU subsidies in the event of a Brexit without an agreement, with which Johnson threatens the EU again and again. He wants to lead Britain out of the European Union on 31 October.