Start News Johnson consultant Cummings: „Lock-down“ repeatedly disregarded

Johnson consultant Cummings: „Lock-down“ repeatedly disregarded

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s adviser, Dominic Cummings, who came under criticism for an alleged „lock-down“ violation, is reported to have repeatedly violated the British government’s rules. The „Sunday Mirror“ and the „Observer“ reported yesterday evening, citing eyewitnesses.

Johnson agreed to „fully support“

Johnson had pledged „full support“ to his key advisor last night after opposition politicians demanded his resignation. The debate over whether Cummings had violated the British „lock-down“ rules at the end of March on a trip of around 430 kilometers dominated yesterday’s news events in the country.

The campaign strategist and Brexit champion had traveled with his wife, suffering from Covid-19, and his four-year-old son from London to the north-east England county of Durham to see his parents. Apparently because he wanted to take care of his son. He himself fell ill shortly afterwards, according to his own account. According to the guidelines for curbing the coronavirus pandemic, travel was only allowed for essential reasons at this time. The government nevertheless defended the trip as justified.

According to the newspaper reports, he was also seen on April 19 in Durham. At this point he had already been photographed in London again. Also on April 12, he was allegedly recognized by a passerby, this time at a popular destination, just under 50 kilometers from Durham. If the reports turn out to be true, Cummings should have traveled to Durham at least a second time during the lock-down.