Start News Johnson wants to let go of threat with „No Deal“

Johnson wants to let go of threat with „No Deal“

daniel_diaz_bardillo / Pixabay

According to a newspaper report, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to abandon his threat of a „no-deal“ Brexit in the election campaign. He had renounced this threat of an EU farewell without agreement in the program of his Conservative party for the election on 12 December, the Times reported on Saturday.

Instead, he wants to focus on agreeing to his exit agreement, which he negotiated with the EU last month. Johnson had repeatedly stated that Britain would be forced to leave the European Union, even without an agreement, on 31 October, but had been forced by the House of Commons to submit an extension of the Brexit deadline by 31 January.

Cancellation to Farage

Yesterday, Johnson had rejected the call of the Brexit Party of hardliner Nigel Farage for a waiver of his Brexit deal and the formation of an electoral alliance. „What we have is a fantastic deal that no one thought we could get it,“ Johnson told TV station ITV, and after winning the election in December, he could bring that deal through Parliament.