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Juncker: Schengen accession of Romania should be possible


EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker believes Romania’s Schengen accession will be possible under his mandate later this year. When visiting the Romanian Presidency today in Bucharest, Juncker said he mentioned this when he took office in 2014 and „I do not see why that can not happen“.

The Romanian President Klaus Ioannis was optimistic that the monitoring mechanism, which is also subject to Bulgaria and Romania, could be ended. „We have the possibility that there can be an end to this mechanism.“ As early as 2018, Romania’s conditions for the Schengen accession had been fulfilled.

„Can not undermine the essentials“

Asked about the problems with the rule of law in Romania, Juncker said the EU is always looking for compromises. „But that can not undermine the essentials. This essential would be affected if there is an amnesty for some people, as the others expect. “ Ioannis hopes that „everyone involved is smart enough to bring the debate to an end“.

In Romania, no judicial system should be set up that is incompatible with other justice systems in Europe. In addition, Romania has known about EU accession to fundamental values ​​and the rule of law.

John Iohannis, who is close to the bourgeois opposition, had recently accused the political leaders of wanting to protect the prosecuted head of the ruling Social Democrats (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, from criminal prosecution with the weakening of the judiciary.