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Karatbars International GmbH and GCC.AG: Gold Scandal with KaratGold Coin + KARATCOINBANK COIN?

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Convent The MLM gold trader Harald Seiz (56) from Stuttgart and the Croatian mining entrepreneur Josip Heit (41) from Dortmund allegedly operate a joint gold mine on Madagascar in the Indian Ocean since last year.

It is said to belong to a bank founded by Seiz in Miami (US state of Florida) called KBC, Inc., which announces its mine share with a property, plant and equipment book value of 938.8 million euros.

But throughout Florida, a dedicated international research team was unable to locate such a KBC bank, only a Karat Coin, corporation founded in June 2018 in a virtual office in Miami.

And the two Croatian mining companies White Rock Minerals d.o.o. and White Rock d.o.o. von Heit have no assets that would correspond to a mine share, and even recorded losses in the 2018 balance sheet.

There should also be a gold mine in Guinea. But the two gold mines are very doubtful, as we shall see.

An insider who calls himself an investor reporter and prefers to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, even fears GoMoPa:


There seems to be an international scandal in the gold business.

Harald Seiz not only sells overpriced gold with his company Karatbars International GmbH from Vaihinger Straße 149a in Stuttgart, as another informant told GoMoPa in January 2019:

The informant wrote to Harald Seiz:


He sells NADIRGOLD. The refinery is LBMA certified.

However, the prices are much cheaper there …

Someone has to pay for his Lambo … At least he has learned to sell LBMA gold …

The rest is marginal to fraud … a hot marketing machine … with lots of colorful paper and cards …

Harald Seiz added his own crypto currencies KaratGold Coin (KBC) and KaratCoinBank Coin (KCB) to his karatbars gold community last year. According to the company, this community consists of more than 500,000 users in 125 countries with the help of multi-level marketing (MLM).

Allegedly, the Karatbars cryptocurrencies are hedged with gold. Seiz would cooperate with the Croatian mining entrepreneur Josip Heit.

But who is this Heit?

In January 2018, Heit was appointed to the Executive Board of GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, Königsallee 61, Dusseldorf.

This company has so far had little to do with gold.

They used to be known as building materials supplier GCC Gazella Corporate Capital GmbH. According to their still current website GCC.AG, the GCC group is building limestone and white marble mainly from a Croatian deposit near the town of Trogir. The two trade labels are called White Rock Minerals and White Rock Marble. No trace of gold.

It is striking, however, that Josip Heit registered a consulting firm called White Rock Minerals Limited with him as director on 30 March 2019 in London (17 High Street).

Coincidence or wanted? A company of the same name White Rock Minerals Limited has been around for a long time in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. A mining exploration company.

This Australian company, under Managing Director and CEO Matthew Gill and Chairman Peter Robert Lester, is a listed penny stock company that claims to have zinc deposits in Red Mountain, Central Alaska, USA and gold and silver deposits near Drake in the north from New South Wales in Australia. It has not produced a gram of gold yet.

But even with this only gold exploration company White Rock Minerals Limited from Australia, the English consulting firm of Croats Heit in London has absolutely nothing to do.

Meanwhile, the informant „Investreporter“ was looking for proof that the Karatbars cryptocurrencies KBC and KCB were actually hedged with gold. He did not find one.

The investor reporter drew the conclusion to GoMoPa:


The promise of the German founder and managing director of Karatbars International GmbH Stuttgart, Harald Seiz, as well as his Croatian board member Josip Heit, the KaratGold Coin (KBC) and the Karatcoinbank Coin (KCB) would be protected with gold, seems to lack any factual proof.

According to Karatbar’s own statement, more than 500,000 people are now said to have invested in the KBC and KCB coins.

After all, what sounds better than a seemingly lucrative investment opportunity, which theoretically keeps the investment risk in a cryptocurrency zero if it were covered by gold, because the precious metal is considered crisis-proof.

But does Karatbars actually have the gold to hedge the KBC and KCB coins?