Start News Killing spree in Canada: At least 16 killed

Killing spree in Canada: At least 16 killed

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In Canada, a man shot many people during a killing spree, including a policewoman. According to yesterday’s executive, the 51-year-old man shot at least 16 people from a car disguised as a police car during the twelve-hour act, but the exact number is still unclear. The deed occurred at several locations in the small town of Portapique in the province of Nova Scotia.

„Today is a devastating day for Nova Scotia and it will remain in the mind for many years to come,“ said Lee Bergerman, chief of the local police force. There is no obvious connection between the perpetrator and at least some of his victims, the motive is still unclear.

Sagittarius wore police uniform

Reports of gunfire at a house in the small port town alarmed the executive. „When the police arrived, officers found several injuries inside and outside the home,“ said Chris Leather, a Nova Scotia detective. Several buildings in the city were on fire and the police delivered a gun battle to the alleged gunman.

During the attack, the shooter „wore part of a police uniform,“ said Leather. „The fact that this person had a uniform and a police car certainly suggests that it was not a spontaneous act,“ said Leather.

The station CTV had previously reported that the police shot the suspect at a gas station. The authorities confirmed the alleged perpetrator’s death, but not that he was shot by the police.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke of a „tragedy“ and announced government aid. Killing sprees are less common in Canada than in the United States due to stricter gun laws, and the last was more than 30 years ago.