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Knife attack in Manchester classified as terrorism

Knife attack
Knife attack in Manchester classified as terrorism

British police expects a terrorist attack on the knife attack at central Manchester station with three wounded men last night. The confirmed a spokeswoman for the Greater Manchester Police today on request of dpa.

Forces had arrested a man at the Victoria train station in Manchester on Monday night. He is said to have injured three people with a knife on a tram platform. The anti-terrorist unit took over the investigation. Eyewitnesses reported that the attacker called „Allah“, according to the newspaper „Manchester Evening News“.

Man quickly overwhelmed

According to an eyewitness, the attacker stabbed at his victims with a large kitchen knife, but was quickly overpowered by rushing policemen using pepper spray and a stun gun. In a short video showing the BBC TV station, several officers were fixing a man on the ground.

A woman and a man, both between 50 and 60 years old, were admitted to the hospital with puncture wounds in the abdomen and sometimes also on the face. A police officer was treated for a stab wound on his shoulder, but was released from hospital shortly thereafter, according to a police statement. The injuries are not life threatening.