Start News Kremlin wants Russians to vote on constitutional change

Kremlin wants Russians to vote on constitutional change

The Kremlin has declared that it is impossible to accept Estonia's requirements

In any case, the Kremlin wants to give citizens the greatest constitutional change in Russian history. In the event of a rejection, the amended version will not take effect, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow said today, according to the agency Interfax. „It’s not a formality, it’s a vote for or against,“ he said. Parliament votes first and then the population.

President Vladimir Putin submitted a constitution with dozens of changes to parliament on Monday. The State Duma had already approved the new version yesterday at first reading without a vote against. Now a working group among others made up of artists, space travelers and athletes has the opportunity to make change proposals.

The second and decisive reading is planned for February 11th. A third reading is purely a formality.

Opposition criticizes

The extra-parliamentary opposition accused Putin of a „special operation“ at high speed to permanently secure his power in the country. The powers of the president will be expanded according to the draft. For the first time, people should have the right to a minimum wage and a minimum pension. Commentators see this as a “lure” for people to approve the constitutional reform.

According to experts, the constitutional amendment serves to secure Putin’s power in Russia beyond 2024. Then, according to the current constitution, his last possible term of office ends. With an earlier constitutional change, the president’s term of office had already been extended from four to six years.