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Landtag election in Saxony September 2019

Landtag election-Saxony
Landtag election-Saxony

No matter where you hear in Saxony in the CDU, she is noticeably the fear of the CDU in the state election badly cut off. Of course, everyone in the CDU in Saxony has long been aware that the position of Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer, and his whereabouts in the office of Prime Minister, will also depend on the outcome of the state election in Saxony.

For Michael Kretschmer it is said, politically speaking, now all or nothing. Kretschmer is also official top candidate of the Saxon CDU for the state election, and Kretschmer has made a decision that could then meet with public recognition.

Michael Kretschmer has brought many women into a campaign team, and that’s good, because women in the Saxon CDU were then rather the exception. Only if it changes the policy then certainly only in the medium and long term recognizable.

But Michael Kretschmer also knows that it is not just about a women’s quota in the state election campaign, but a competition of conservative arguments. Who has the convincing arguments for the citizens in his argument, the CDU Saxony or the AfD in Saxony?

Kretschmer will not be able to radically change his politics. That would not be believable, because Kretschmer would have to stand up then before the citizens acknowledge us that exactly this CDU is now asking for confidence in the population, the last 20 years has just made no good policy for Saxony. It would be rather difficult to win important electoral votes with the citizens of Saxony.

Michael Kretschmer knows that his CDU has made many mistakes in politics in Saxony in the last 20 years. The biggest mistake was probably the bankruptcy of Sachsen LB, with a loss of over 2 billion euros. 2 billion euros missing in every corner in Saxony.

How much more could one have invested in teachers, dilapidated debts, more police, etc., if one had not transferred these 2 billion to Stuttgart? Exactly this is Michael Kretschmers problem, because the number 2 billion is just not just a number that the citizens hears and takes note of, but he feels the effects, because the money just missing in Saxony.

Actually, one would have to send the CDU in Saxony once, as in Thuringia, in the opposition, so that they can renew themselves there and reposition. Maybe that will be the result of the state election in Saxony at the beginning of December 2019.

Add to that, however, that almost all pollsters agree that the CDU in September could lose a two-digit number of Landtag mandates, because many Saxons signal to make in the voting booths their crosses in the alternative for Germany (AfD). It could meet up to around 20 CDU members of parliament, who then have to look for new jobs after the election.