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Lima Group puts pressure on Maduro in Venezuela

landracemaizegenomics / Pixabay

Latin American countries are renewing international pressure to push Venezuela’s leader Nicolas Maduro out of office. Yesterday, the Lima Group called on the United Nations to take action to maintain peace in Venezuela in order to stop the „increasing loss of security“.

Humanitarian aid is also urgently needed for the Venezuelan population and those who have fled abroad, a statement said at the conclusion of a Foreign Ministers meeting in Santiago de Chile.

Lima Group recognizes Guaido as interim president

Maduro shows no willingness to dialogue, which is why only his resignation, the restoration of democracy in Venezuela, said the representations of twelve countries in the Lima group, among others, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. They repeated their recognition of the self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido and their refusal of military intervention.

The Lima group, which is following a hard line against Maduro, called for closer cooperation with the more moderate International Contact Group for Venezuela, which includes Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and the EU and several European countries.

Guaido had declared himself transitional president on January 23 and denied Maduro legitimacy. The chairman of the opposition-controlled parliament calls for the resignation of Maduro, the establishment of a transitional government and the calling of free elections.