Start News Lock-down in Melbourne: $ 26,000 fine for violation

Lock-down in Melbourne: $ 26,000 fine for violation

RobertDychto / Pixabay

A fast-food snack for a birthday party in Australia has cost guests dearly. Because they violated the curfews due to the coronavirus pandemic, the party guests in Melbourne were fined a total of approximately $ 26,000 in Australian dollars, the police announced today.

Melbourne, the second largest city on the continent with around five million inhabitants, has been in a six-week „lock-down“ again since Wednesday this week due to a rapid rise in the number of infections.

Medical staff had seen two people ordering 20 servings at night in a fast food restaurant and then informed the police. The officers used the license plate to find the location of the birthday party. When they arrived, 16 people were eating their fast food snack. For each of the 16 violations, the police charged $ 1,652, a total of approximately $ 26,000.