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Lukashenko defends authoritarian style in Vienna

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Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko defended his authoritarian style in Vienna. At a joint press conference with Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, he said today on a journalist’s question about the „authoritarian style“: „You are absolutely right. Our governance is different. “

„If you ask me, which is better? We would not find common understanding, „Lukashenko said. In a long answer he praises the achievements of his country. „Before you give reviews, you’re better off to go to Belarus. We are an open country. „Citizens from“ about 80 states have visa-free entry into this authoritarian Belarus. “

„What is wrong with that?“

With regard to human rights, he asked: „What’s wrong with that?“ He drew a picture that in his country much better than in Austria in this regard. There is a „right to life“ and „right to work“ in Belarus, which is the guarantee that every citizen can work – even abroad. He also mentioned the „right to education“, which is free in his country.

Asked about the death sentence, Lukashenko referred to the referendum of 1996, which introduced this punitive measure. According to the Constitution, abolition is only possible with a referendum. „The EU demands that we abolish it, and we are not indifferent to it.“ However, opinion polls were frequently made, and the mood of the population has not changed, so a referendum would not be worth it. That’s just democracy.

Van der Bellen for moratorium

But Minsk has agreed a roadmap with Brussels. „We move in that direction.“ Any hurry would be harmful. At the same time, he referred to the EU’s good relations with the United States and China, although the death penalty is also used in these countries.

Van der Bellen said he understands the argument of the referendum. But he proposed a moratorium, so that the death penalty is at least not applied. The Federal President also stated that death sentences would only be enforced „very rarely and for real capital crimes“, but made it clear that this should not be understood as supporting the death penalty. He would be happy if Belarus became a member of the Council of Europe, according to Van der Bellen. Lukashenko said: „If you accept us, we thank you. If not, we will endure it patiently. „