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Maas wants less nuclear weapons

Evgeny / Pixabay

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has appealed to all nuclear powers in the United Nations Security Council to return to disarmament. This is possible „without any loss of security“, says Maas.

At the NPT meeting, the SPD politician identified three elements of such an initiative: increased transparency of nuclear arsenals, development of control mechanisms, and new disarmament treaties. He warned against a new „upgrade logic“. The Cold War is over. One can not respond to the current challenges with the answers from the last century.

Prohibitions are effective only when nuclear powers are involved

The German Foreign Minister specifically called on the US and Russia to further reduce the number of their warheads and launchers. Maas considers the treaty to ban nuclear weapons from 2017. Which two-thirds of UN members have decided, but not for the appropriate means.

Germany will not join him because this ban is only effective if states with nuclear weapons carry the ban. Above all, the United States, China, Russia and others should now face this debate, Maas said: „This is their duty and we expect it to be fulfilled.“

China and North Korea are also challenged

Most recently, the termination of the INF Treaty to control land-based medium-range weapons had sparked fears of a new armaments spiral. The US had withdrawn from the treaty with Russia – the deadline is August 2nd.

Maas was skeptical before the Security Council meeting that he could still be saved. This would also include China and North Korea, for which he had not previously been considered. That, according to Maas, will not be easy.