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Macron criticizes his critics

EdiNugraha / Pixabay

After his controversial statements on the „brain death“ of NATO, France’s President Emmanuel Macron has added. He accused his critics today in Paris of „squeamishness and hypocrisy“.

Macron said in his opening address to the Paris Peace Forum that he may have „knocked out“ some with his remarks. He added, „We need the truth. Treachery and hypocrisy do not work. “

Sharp criticism of the USA and Turkey

Macron had certified NATO’s „brain death“ in an interview with The Economist magazine on Thursday. He justified this, inter alia, with a lack of coordination of the US with the Europeans and an „aggressive“ approach by the NATO member Turkey in Syria.

Merkel also turned against Macron

Macron’s critics include German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). It certified to the French head of state „drastic words“ and an unnecessary „round robin“. Poland and other Allies also did not comment on the statements.

Macron said the international system is in an „unprecedented crisis.“ The United Nations is „blocked“. Therefore, new forms of cooperation are necessary. The head of state hosts the two-day peace forum in Paris. These are topics such as multilateralism and climate protection.