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Mays Brexit deal does not suit Labor

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Together to the Brexit „deal“: Prime Minister May has made an offer to the opposition Labor party – but that is not very enthusiastic.

The conservatives have lost more than 1300 seats in the municipal and city councils in the municipal election. The consequence that Prime Minister Theresa May derives from this disaster for her party is that we must now, together with the Labor Party, bring Brexit to the scene. In a post for the „Mail on Sunday,“ Prime Minister Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn called for putting the differences aside and agreeing with her on a Brexit deal.

Scottish Conservatives support appeal

The Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, supported this appeal in the BBC: „We need to get Brexit right now for the country to move forward.“ The negotiators of both parties meet again on Tuesday, the Prime Minister hopes for a breakthrough in the negotiations. The head of the Scottish Conservatives is in the same horn. One must now reach an agreement, which finds a majority in the lower house, so Davidson.

But that’s not all. Although Labor has lost in the local elections. Above all, however, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, who want to prevent Britain’s exit from the EU, have won.

Opposition to a temporary customs union

Even most Labor members are against Brexit. And the offer of the Conservatives, which the Sunday Times reports on, is not at all to the taste of the opposition party: a customs union with the EU, limited to the next lower house election. Not at all, says Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell: „We want a customs union, but we want a permanent customs union, because we have replaced the conservatives as a party of the economy: The economy wants security, not just for a few months, but permanently And we want that too. “

Trust in May? „No“

Labor also fears that May’s successor recovers every agreement that has now been reached. The days of the Prime Minister are numbered and there is a lot of resistance in their group to a compromise with Labor. Whether he trusts the prime minister, Labor’s Shadow Chancellor was therefore asked. McDonnell’s clear answer: no.

The hopes for a Brexit compromise are therefore rather low. The old EU skeptic Nigel Farage is already waiting to slam the Conservatives and Labor in the European Parliament elections with his new Brexit party: „If both push their compromise search forward, it will be seen as a coalition against the people Millions will then turn away from the Conservatives and Labor. „