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MEPs in the French parliament have voted in favor of the Social Package of the President


By a large majority, MEPs in the French parliament have voted in favor of the Social Package of the President. For example, taxes on overtime will be eliminated from next year.

France’s parliament has endorsed the billion-dollar social package with which the center-right government wants to appease the displeasure of so-called yellow vests and other critics. After more than 13 hours of heated debate in the National Assembly, MEPs voted by a large majority in favor of the controversial reforms.

One of the novelties is that neither social security nor taxes will have to be paid on overtime from 2019 onwards. In addition, around 70 percent of pensioners are exempted from raising a controversial social security contribution. Furthermore, employees should receive 100 euros more per month at minimum wage level.

Criticism of the opposition

From the point of view of the opposition, the government is creating new injustices with the social package: for example, between retirees, some of whom benefited from social security benefits, but others did not. Also criticized were the huge overspending.

The protest movement of the „yellow vests“ is demonstrated in mid-November against the reform policies of the government and President Emmanuel Macron. Late last night, Macron responded to a petition from the „yellow vests“ that was signed by more than a million people.

Fight against climate change

„You’re right,“ the president replied to the 1.15 million supporters of the petition published by an activist on the platform „They took the fuel price increase with full force and decided to respond by signing this petition,“ Macron wrote on the website, which provides an answer to the policy makers.

The petition contains suggestions on how to protect the environment without putting a damper on the French purse by raising gasoline prices. The fight against climate change is necessary, wrote Macron with regard to the eco-tax, whose planned increase has now suspended his government. But the salvation of the world should not be opposed to the monthly income of the people.